Trip to Majorca


I’ve just got back from a very relaxing 4 night stay in Majorca. I took 2 friends / carers away with me to a pretty posh hotel and we were all well looked after. We stayed at the Ferrer Concord hotel in Can Picafort. It was about an hour from Palma airport and had such relaxed vibes. The breakfast was impressive too.

For a change with flying, everything went smoothly. The only issues were I booked an airport transfer that didn’t turn up, so we had to wait for a wheelchair taxi in the taxi rank. Luckily we only had to wait 10 minutes and we were off. Our driver, Enrique was very courteous to me and drove with extra smoothness. Then the electric mobile hoist didn’t work, which meant I had to be lifted to bed on the first night. It was soon replaced with the classic pump up mobile hoist. Most importantly, myself and my wheelchair are in one piece.

Most days were spent by the pool overlooking the sea, followed by a leisurely stroll a long the front in the evening, to a restaurant with cocktails. It was rather hot, with most days being around 35 degrees. This meant lots of sun cream, moving regularly as to avoid ‘the wheelchair tan’ and eating ice cream really fast unless you want to wear it.

We ended up in a Caribbean restaurant on Jamaican independence day by pure coincidence and even got a free t-shirt for drinking just the right amount of drinks. We got really good at speaking Spanish, lots of churros were consumed and we almost got involved in a foam party, but thought better of it. On the last night we went into full Spain mode by having paella and sangria. It was the best paella I’ve probably ever had, even if I was a bit concerned about eating a tentacle of some description.

It was an enjoyable little break and the perfect length of time to be away. This holiday was planned, booked and had in just over 4 weeks and it didn’t cost too much either. It just shows what you can do in not much time at all. So if you’ve been thinking about getting away, you really should!