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Games Night poster - Monday 6th May 7pm

Monthly Roundup April 2019

Again there’s been lot’s going on at DMD Pathfinders this month, the first thing you may notice is we now have a new donate button in the sites header!  We had been using MyDonate but this service is due to shutdown soon.  After trying to get a charity PayPal account and being denied, with them… Read more »

Drake Concert

I have a tip regarding going to a concert very far away. Find an accessible hotel (preferably with a ceiling hoist) and stay the night. I have done this on many occasions and it takes the pressure off. Then there are the times I think, “ah it’ll be alright” and this was one of them…. Read more »

Glasgow forum flyer 12th May 2019

Monthly Roundup March 2019

Let’s start off with some exciting news that all of us here at DMD Pathfinders have been eager to share! Development Workers DMD Pathfinders are pleased to announce that we now have two development workers employed for us, they both have Duchenne and will be job sharing.  Having development workers will allow us to do… Read more »

DMD Mitch

Hi, my name is Mitch Coles and I am one of the new development workers here at DMD Pathfinders. I live independently in Bristol with my partner and two kids.  I’ve also been to university where I studied graphic design and I run my own blog. I have Duchenne myself; so working at Pathfinders means… Read more »

DMD Pathfinders February Updates

This has been a more visibly busy month for us, we have been recruiting, attended conferences and meetings, and discussing our aims as a charity.  Our chair and CEO explain it far better than I ever could so without further ado here’s some messages from them.   Mark Chapman Chair of DMD Pathfinders On behalf… Read more »

DMD Pathfinders January Update

We haven’t been quite so visible in our activities this month, this was anticipated and planned for by us at the end of last year, we knew January would be quiet due to few events happening early in the year and other organisations catching up after the Christmas/New Year break, our CEO was also moving… Read more »

Pathfinders logo surrounded by a wreath

Monthly Roundup and Seasons Greetings 2018

This monthly roundup will be slightly different as we reflect on our year here at DMD Pathfinders. Reflection This year has been a busy one and the charity has been growing at a steady pace, we have been developing as a team, raising money, earning more respect among professionals, charities and the community in general…. Read more »

DMD Pathfinders logo

Monthly Roundup November 2018

This is a new idea we have come up with to keep people updated with what we at DMD Pathfinders have been doing each month, it will try to compile the information from our various outlets, and as we get more used to it probably stuff that the charity has done on in the background,… Read more »

DMD Pathfinders table at the Action Duchenne International Conference

Reflecting on the Action Duchenne conference

BY JON REY-HASTIE CEO OF DMD PATHFINDERS Today I have been taking a more leisurely pace to recover from a really busy weekend at the Action Duchenne conference. I found it particularly tiring this year, probably because I have had to coordinate it or dealing with a busy and extended moving process. As a result… Read more »

Getting research and treatments to adults

BY JON REY-HASTIE CEO, DMD Pathfinders  Last Friday DMD Pathfinders co-hosted a workshop with Duchenne UK dedicated to research for adults. Specifically, in the context of a rapidly developing research pipeline of new treatments for DMD, we were asking: how can we ensure these treatments benefit adults? The meeting was held at the International Centre… Read more »