My Anniversary


I started working for DMD Pathfinders a whole year ago. I went from volunteering for the charity, writing the odd article or doing the odd talk, to a full-blown employee. It shows that hard work pays off in the end. I was looking for permanent work for a very long time and although I feel I put a huge amount of effort to get to where I am now with my blog and all the rest of it, ultimately it was Jon and the rest of the guys at Pathfinders that took a chance on me. So I owe a lot to them, because once upon a time I couldn’t envisage getting to where I wanted to be.

In only a year I’ve hosted and / or attended about 10 events all over the place. I’ve been local and I’ve been to far off lands such as Taunton, Cheshire, Leicester and Luton. I’ve been lucky to meet all kinds of lovely people at hospices, hospitals, centres and even race courses. It’s been tiring yet so rewarding and worth every mile travelled and every Burger King stopped at on the way. I’ve worked hard with a great bunch of people and enjoyed good times with them too. I’ve also had hard times, where I’m exhausted and I have to put in all of my energy to get up and start the day at an event 100+ miles away. Having a job has exceeded my expectations and has got me through the toughest time in my life. I did it for my boss, the charity, the young people we work with, me and my little family. 

One minute I can be writing an email about catering or I can be in social media mode and the next thing I’m up in front of 100 people talking about living with Duchenne. I’m now talking in front of the people that were talking to me when I was young. It’s surreal, but at the same it’s become normal to me, with each event I’ve grown in confidence. I still get just as nervous as I always did in certain situations yet I’ve gained the ability to just get on with it. My motto is, I can throw up afterwards. I’m looking forward to the year ahead. From April all systems are go with the start of events season. I tried to push the bar as high as I could over the last year and now I’ve got to do it all again and even higher. Let’s do this!