Keep Smiling


All of our lives have changed drastically over the last week. We have been confronted with COVID-19, which has gone from a social media meme to absolute devastation. As sad as the many cases and subsequent untimely deaths are, us yet affected directly have been dealing with the unraveling of our day-to-day lives due to the virus. Schools closed, as did pubs and restaurants, followed by the lockdown. This blog isn’t about Coronavirus, it’s about my own personal introduction to social distancing.

This is my 14th day in the social distancing realm. This has become more strict as the days have lapsed, through my own choice and the governments. As one of the “only vulnerable people” types, I had to act rapidly. I have struggled with my mental health throughout my life and the thought of isolating myself for a minimum of 12 weeks is a daunting one. As strange as it might sound, I’m hoping some good can come out of all of this. The startling stories from across the globe and now our own country should make us all appreciate what we have and love one another a little bit more. It gives us all time to reflect and we can use this time in lockdown to learn about ourselves, teach ourselves new skills and become patient.

I baked a banana cake, I put far too much baking powder in it and it deflated in the middle, however it still tasted great, after all it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I watched Villages by the Sea, I’ve been cooking and eating delicious food that wasn’t panic bought, I made some beautifully coloured posters about hand washing with my bestie and we had a farewell meal before we had to become socially distant. The sun made it’s long awaited return and my tanning regime has begun earlier than I expected, I enjoyed the social media banter – this is one of the only ways to deal with a situation such as this.

At DMD Pathfinders we want to provide up-to-date information on the Coronavirus as the pandemic continues to impact us in the DMD and wider communities, however we don’t want it to be all doom and gloom. We have some fantastic online events coming up, to try and take our minds off of things. I’ve had a varied week, even though I’ve been locked down . We are keen to hear how you’ve taken to self-isolation. Please tell us what you’ve been upto,to help us keep everyone’s spirits up and use the hashtag#KeepSmiling.