Join us at our NMD Fest event on 18-19 July

NMD Fest – 18-19 July, at the NMC, Winsford, Cheshire.

DMD Pathfinders and the Neuromuscular Centre are hosting NMD Fest, a two day event to link up adults with DMD and other neuromuscular conditions to learn from each other and have some fun. Find out about assistive technology solutions, sign up to our peer leaders programme and get support to plan your future. We’ll start with a summer BBQ & Drinks on the 18th July and we’ll have workshops on the 19th. Come to either or both, it’s free to attend!

What’s happening at the event?

On the 18th there will be a BBQ and quiz, with drinks and music – for a nice, relaxed and fun social meet up. We are planning an ice cream van and some great cocktails, the key ingredients for a great party!

On the 19th, in the morning we will look at assistive technology, and will see demonstrations from people with neuromuscular conditions using assistive technology in a variety of ways, from home assistive devices and environmental controls to technology for employment, gaming, art, photography etc. it will be an opportunity to see what assistive technology can do to improve your life and learn more about how to make it work.

In the afternoon of the 19th we’ll be exploring the theme of independent living – hearing from people about many different aspects of independent living, from getting a care package to moving home, finding employment, relationships, holidays and transport. Once we’ve heard everything that’s possible, we will be turning back to the audience and challenging everyone to think about their next steps in life and how to get there. Our peer experts will be able to help you identify barriers and problem-solve to move towards your goals, whatever your situation, age or ability.

Great, how do I sign up?

Please sign up to the event by visiting our events page on Facebook!