Drake Concert

I have a tip regarding going to a concert very far away. Find an accessible hotel (preferably with a ceiling hoist) and stay the night. I have done this on many occasions and it takes the pressure off. Then there are the times I think, “ah it’ll be alright” and this was one of them. Last Monday, I went to see Drake at The O2, which he literally turned into The O3. I had work training in Reading earlier in the day, so luckily we were already half way or there abouts. Bristol to The O2 and back, all in one day is a task and a half.

We drifted through the sea of camo and snakeskin in rather relaxed fashion to the entrance. I was offered assistance that would take us to our seats, which I wasn’t interested in. When it’s necessary, I will take the help when it’s offered and you should as well. However, sometimes stewards can be just as clueless as you are and just draw more attention to you. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had a big muscly guy give me the “excuse me, wheelchair coming through treatment!” with no essential need to do so. Obviously we got a bit lost, though we did make it to our seats embarrassment free. We even got there in time for the supporting act Tory Lanez. Don’t worry, I wasn’t quite sure who he is either and I’m still not. We were all there to see one man – Drake.

Drizzy as some might call him rocked up at 9:25pm, which for the record is 25 minutes past my regular Monday night bedtime. It was worth the wait, as he pounced up onto a pretty impressive light up stage with awesome visuals like waves, lightning and clouds. A curtain surrounded him with scorpions projecting onto it and a light show too. He played his classic songs, but kept it short and focused more on his newer stuff. At one point in a mesmerizing moment, a full-sized sports car just casually floated out above the crowd and I still don’t know quite how they managed that. Wizkid came out for a cool guest spot and Drake ended on an emotional note with “God’s Plan” and a nice video of his childhood and early career footage. This was the third time I’ve seen Drake and the best by far.

The safest and best advice on leaving a concert as a wheelchair user is wait until the crowd dies down a bit. Well I’m always up for a challenge and I can also be highly impatient. This usually means at the first chance I get, I’m off and I was. It ended at 11pm and it was full on getting back to the van with cold hands. A couple of girls decided to take a selfie, by dodging them, I was cut up and accidentally got someone right in the calf muscle. We decided to go on an adventure, so at about 12am we were driving through Trafalgar Square, on a little late night tour of London. The M4 was closed for a few junctions, which put us on a goose chase through country roads near Bracknell that was fun mid-journey. Eventually we got home and I was tucked up in bed by 3am, complete with a hot water bottle.