DMD Mitch

Hi, my name is Mitch Coles and I am one of the new development workers here at DMD Pathfinders. I live independently in Bristol with my partner and two kids.  I’ve also been to university where I studied graphic design and I run my own blog. I have Duchenne myself; so working at Pathfinders means a lot to me. I have been involved with the charity for around three years now and was even a trustee up until recently. I have taken part in a couple of conferences, speaking on behalf of Pathfinders. This is my first actual job. I have wanted to find permanent employment for a long time and last year I made it my mission to get a job. I am thankful that someone decided to finally take a chance on me.

I have been looking forward to starting. I have seen firsthand what Pathfinders has to offer and the difference they make. I’m more than happy to be a part of that. I am hoping I can do what my job role says on the tin and that’s develop. I want to support people like myself when they are in need and make it better or easier for future generations who find themselves in a similar position. There is a need to break down barriers, so others can live freely the way they choose and do so confidently. This role covers many aspects of what the charity has to offer, most importantly my duty is that of supporting others to overcome and achieve whatever goals they set out to do. I will be offering 1-to-1 mentoring support for anyone who needs help with something.

I will be running online social gatherings that will bring together young adults with DMD who will greatly benefit from the interaction, even if this isn’t face-to-face. There will be social events and information days in person also, where users can talk about their experiences, share stories, make friends and just have a good time. it is also important to give out useful information, tips and resources that will be of use to others. I want to reach as many young adults with DMD as possible, putting on outreach events to make sure everyone in this situation has every opportunity to live as they wish. I will be in touch with various organisations that we can collaborate with and together make a difference.

Any young adults, families, carers and organisations who want to get in touch with me please do, as I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me anytime on or tweet me @dmdmitch.