Working with Hospices: My Visit to Children’s Hospice South West


When I first started in my role as Development Worker at Pathfinders, I was asked to highlight some people and organisations who we could possibly work with in the future. Straight away I thought of a charity that means the world to me, Children’s Hospice South West. From the age of seven, until the age of twenty-one I went to Little Bridge House in North Devon, had tons of fun and great memories there. The staff were lovely and became like family.

They currently have three hospices – Little Bridge House, Charlton Farm and Little Harbour and I got in contact with all of them right away. After a number of months of contact, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to Charlton Farm (just outside of Bristol) for a meeting about how we can work together to benefit those with DMD. I met with Carl Joy who is the Care Project Lead. 

I told him about the social events we have already put on and types of events we are going to do in the future such as the online events, social meet-ups and information days and how we can provide peer support for young people with Duchenne. We have worked with a number of organisations such as hospices, colleges and clinics and we have proved that the types of events we put on are successful due to the response we receive like our most recent events at Treloar’s College and Keech Hospice. I sent across some information and he is going to circulate our leaflet and nutrition / ventilation guides.

Charlton Farm and the other hospices put on teenage weekends a few times a year and we are hoping to attend the next one at Charlton Farm, which is in November for a workshop and to play some board games brought a long by Chance & Counters with the young people attending the event. I was lucky enough to be shown around the hospice and also the garden, Carl was very welcoming and made us feel right at home. I had the same feeling as when I would go to Little Bridge House, which is calm, relaxed and you can tell happiness is at the heart of the charity.