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Scottish Powerchair Football Awards 2020 featuring Connor

Two players from opposite teams tackling in a powerchair football match inside a sports hall

BY RYAN DACK Earlier this month saw the annual Scottish Powerchair Football Awards – a celebration of the seasons accomplishments and a chance to recognize individual achievement. Due to current circumstances the event was virtual and held via Facebook and Twitter. A first for everyone. I had the opportunity to speak with Championship Top Goal… Read more »

Rob’s Gardening Guide – Part 1

Rob’s Gardening Guide – Part 1 BY ROBERT SLEIGHT Let’s face it, when you have quite a serious disability that includes mobility impairments it limits a lot of things that you can do with your time. I used to love reading books, playing with Lego, videogames and building models. Those days are gone but with… Read more »

DMD Pathfinders is changing

We have big news! DMD Pathfinders is changing to become Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance. After much deliberation and discussion, the members of DMD Pathfinders have agreed to widen the charity to support people with other neuromuscular conditions as well as Duchenne. As part of this change, we will be welcoming new members and recruiting new trustees… Read more »

Getting used to living with a tracheostomy

Bobby Shearer relaxing in the garden

BY BOBBY SHEARER So far my health during my life with Duchenne has been pretty dope. I’ve never had any real problems apart from the obvious. That changed a bit early last year when I had a bad chest infection, where I had to have a trache fitted. A trache (or tracheostomy) is a small… Read more »

Adaptive Android

Last week it was our Summer Miniconf and we had some fantastic speakers, one of them was Jamie Hale who spoke to us about adaptive apps for android. It was so good, we thought we would share it again. Have a read! While iPhone has quite a few accessibility settings built in, with Android there’s… Read more »

OPINION: The coronavirus shows up the weakness of our social values

This pandemic has hammered home the point that as the most vulnerable in our society, we are ultimately expendable in times of crisis. That the values that underpin our way of life, that tell us, as vulnerable people, we will be protected and embody our humanity as a society, can so easily be cast aside.

Keep Smiling

BY MITCH COLES All of our lives have changed drastically over the last week. We have been confronted with COVID-19, which has gone from a social media meme to absolute devastation. As sad as the many cases and subsequent untimely deaths are, us yet affected directly have been dealing with the unraveling of our day-to-day… Read more »

Mark Chapman’s 50th birthday

On Sunday 19th April DMD Pathfinders is holding an online celebration to mark our Chair of Trustees Mark Chapman’s 50th birthday. An amazing milestone for an adult with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. You can join us on the day by signing up to the Facebook event  You can donate to DMD Pathfinders on our Virgin Giving… Read more »

Some advice from the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

DMD Pathfinders logo

The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust have kindly given us permission to share the following advice sheet that has been sent to some patients. We would like to state that the situation with COVID-19 is fast changing and advice may change at any time.  Also everyone should consult their own specialists and hospitals for… Read more »