Care: An Ideal World


In an ideal world, finding carers would be a lot like online dating. It’s already like dating in some ways. Ideally every carer would be on an online dating database with star ratings and all. All you would have to do is swipe left or right. It would have government backing and the correct funding. Carers would be respected far more than they are currently and this would be reflected in their wages. You would have endless candidates coming forward for any number of caring roles and a ratings system filters out the unreliable ones. Agencies wouldn’t and shouldn’t even exist, if they did they would be for emergencies only and they wouldn’t be allowed to charge so much.


In an ideal world, just as in terms of any kind of dating, you would find the perfect match right away and you would all live happily ever after. However, even in an ideal world, you still have to be realistic. At the very least to be expected would be that you generally got on alright with everyone. Even if you weren’t each other’s cup of tea, they would still be good at their job and be as good as they said they were in the interview. Talking the talk is one thing, walking the walk is another story. I’m sure we’ve all worn that oversized t-shirt.


In an ideal world everything would stay professional, no boundaries would ever be crossed and you would never confuse that level of professional friendship. This could range from hanging out outside of “work” or I don’t know – falling in love with each other. A lot of time can be spent with someone that cares for you or someone you care for, so it’s an unusual relationship without any doubt. Care agencies view this in a very black and white manner, verging on harsh. Yet if we were being honest, they’ve got the right idea – be a pro. However, we don’t live in an ideal world and that would be super boring.


In an ideal world PA’s would be reliable, punctual and honest. Take note of this next one, mutual respect. If you can’t share that mutual respect, then it won’t work at all. If you lose that mutual respect, it’s extremely difficult to get it back and then you have to contemplate what happens next. When respect begins to crumble, it’s a slippery slope. Complacency sets in and the care routine that should be done with crystal clear precision no longer is and that exact word “care” is missing. It’s frustrating for both parties.


In an ideal world, you would do all the same pleasantries until the very end and PA’s would stick around and be in it for the long haul. Personal circumstances get in the way, people move on and that’s ok. Be kind and be fair to each other, just remember it is work. Be upfront, hand your notice in like a professional and work it like one as well. Everyone knows that the worst way to do it is by text.